Hello we are CISCA & BARNI and we are partner for travelling around the world. Everything was started with love and same big dream from the founder, Siska Felicia & William Lim. The name CISCA originated from Siska and BARNI means bear, the cute one who always make her girlfriend happy. Our big dream is travelling around the world together. CISCA & BARNI's characters were created in 2015, Jakarta - Indonesia. In 2017, BARNI gave special gift to CISCA, a little corgi pup. We name it Aimi.

CISCA is a stubborn girl who loves art, coffee, fashion and travelling with her lovely bear, BARNI. BARNI is a patient fat bear who loves food, technology and take photos of his lovely girl, CISCA. We hope we could spread the joy and the happiness of our journey.

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